Corporate tax reform levels the playing field – Decoder

Large corporations are privy to tax laws that most small-business owners are not, and the U.S. is at a crucial fiscal juncture where things need to change. David Cay Johnston breaks down Corporate Tax policy in this edition of Decoder.

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New Tax Deductions for 2011, 2012

New Tax Deductions for 2011, 2012

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Pay Your Income Tax: 1943 Disney Propoganda

Funded and approved by the US Department of Treasury in 1943, this Disney featurette called “The New Spirit” was to encourage every good American to do his “duty” and pay his taxes, which, at this time, were at an all time high. Those who do not wish to pay or don’t pay it gladly are depicted as friends of Hitler and enemies of liberty and democracy.

Contrary to what has been stated on other posts of this film, it was never “banned” by anyone. Not only was it approved by the Treasury Secretary, it received an Academy Award nomination for “Best Documentary Feature.” Even President Roosevelt himself had a hand in approving Donald Duck as the main character.

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AEDC’s Grant Tennille on Taxes and Industrial Recruiting

Read more – – Arkansas Economic Development Commission Executive Director talks to Arkansas Business Editor Gwen Moritz about the role Arkansas’ tax structure plays in industrial recruiting.

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How do I pay more taxes/forfeit my tax return?

I’m 17 and I just got a job with McDonald’s, and I’ve heard about tax returns, and I was wondering how I can pay more taxes and let the government keep my Tax Return. Is this possible? I want to pay more taxes that the government can actually keep. Thanks
I want to give to the government, not a charity. I’m just asking how I can do it. Can you send them a check?

Actually you can make donations to the government. Each department has rules on how you might do such a thing. The following link is for the Department of Commerce. It was just the first that I found so every Department will have something similar. You can not give anything to individuals nor may you give the intent of getting anything back (sort of like with taxes).
However it would be much wiser if you were to put that money in some sort of savings plan. When you are "old" you will have lots of money and will not need to be dependent on the government.

Are the republicans stalling on tax reform because they don’t want government to provide better service?

Democrats have always been for tax reform, except republicans want to reduce everything. Republicans rarely see the value government provides because they are busy with profits and government takes away from that to solve pollution and other problems corporations create.

Why do we want Tax Reform when it decreases revenue? What logic and sense would a government even consider that?

No. They are stalling until a Republican is made president. Then they will distract Americans away from the need for tax reform, allowing the high corporate tax rate to hinder any small business upstarts who have the gall to compete with more established and entrenched industries, who have access to a myriad of tax breaks and loopholes to escape that Corporate Tax rate.

How is the federal income tax a progressive tax?

A. The higher the income a person has, the higher the percentage that person pays in tax.
B. A person with a higher income pays more tax, but the percentage is less.
C. Two married people who file their taxes together will pay more taxes than a single person will.
D. Children pay no taxes, regardless of whether they earn a large income.

A is the book answer, but it only really applies to wages.

Are companies eligible for a corporate tax break for tuition assistance payments?

Are companies eligible for a tax break for tuition assistance payments? Not the the officers/owners, but on their corporate Tax Returns?

The "only" tax break is that they can deduct it as a business expense. They still must spend the money.

Mitt Romney’s Tax Returns…

This is why we need Tax Reform.

Give the government less and the people more!!!!

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U.S. Tax Reform: What Could, Should Be Done?

With renewed talk of tax cuts and President Obama’s “Buffett Rule,” political maneuvering in Congress and on the campaign trail has turned toward the U.S. tax system. On this tax day, Jeffrey Brown discusses Tax Reform options with the Brookings Institution’s Alice Rivlin and the Tax Policy Center’s Donald Marron.

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