Does this person need to file a tax return?

Does a handicapped elderly woman (92 years old) who only collects social security (a little over a $1000 a month) need to file a tax return? If yes, will she be penalized for not filing tax returns for the last few years? Is there a way of correcting this?

I doubt that she needs to file a Tax Return as her social security income is most likely not taxable. Especially considering that is her only income. You can go to and start filling the form out, it will go through some stuff to see if she is required to file. I would bet that she will not be required to file.

Why does Racheal Maddow enjoy pointing out what idiots Republicans are?

I mean really…..Last night she had to devote 10 minutes to posting published remarks by Republicans on how they plan to dodge paying taxes under Obama’s Tax Reform.

One Republican and His Wife who are Chiropractors gave advice out on how they plan to stop working when they hit 250k of income next year, and just go on vacation instead of working.

But, thank goodness Maddow shed some light on this couples ignorance by explaining that people only get taxed on income that is OVER 250K, not the whole caboodle.

I think Maddow should not make utter as.s. t.wats. out of Republicans, its not very nice.

It’s not even fair. Making fun of conservatives is like throwing dynamite into a barrel full of fish. It’s just so easy.

Tax refund – What to do with it – Heidi’s tips – MoneySmart

Heidi from the MoneySmart Team at ASIC talks about how you can put your tax refund to good use in a high-interest savings account instead of spending it on shoes.

Visit MoneySmart at today for more savings tips.

Heidi suggests:
1. Putting money in a high interest savings account to go on a holiday, buy a car and more.
2. Paying off your credit card or putting it towards your superannuation.
3. And making your money work harder for you.

MoneySmart is a website run by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) to help people make smart choices about their personal finances.
For more money tips and information visit or visit our Facebook page at

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Allari Alludu Movie Scenes – Income tax officials seizing Vanisri property – Nagarjuna, Nagma, Meena

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Watch Allari Alludu Telugu Movie scenes. Starring Nagarjuna (Dhamarukam/Damarukam, Shirdi Sai, Ragada, Rajanna, Gaganam, Shirdi Sai, King, Don, Shiva, Allari Alludu, etc.), Meena (Kathanayakudu, Simhachalam, Sri Manjunatha, Chanti, Sneham Kosam, Pape Naa Pranam, Bobbili Simham, Veera, Muta Mesthri/Mutamestri, Allari Mogudu, Sundarakanda, etc.), Nagma (Killer, Gharana Mogudu, Major Chandrakanth, Mugguru Monagallu, Premikudu, Baasha, Allari Ramudu, etc.), Vanisri, Brahmanandam (Mirchi, Baadshah, Sukumaarudu, Naayak/Nayak, Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu/SVSC, Autonagar Surya, Jaffa, Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum, Lucky, Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu/CGR/CGTR, Sudigadu, Shirdi Sai, Racha, Gabbar Singh, Dookudu, Vennela 1 1/2, Damarukam/Dhamarukam, etc.), Kota Srinivas Rao and others. Music by M.M. Keeravani (Shirdi Sai, Chinni Chinni Aasa, Intinta Annamayya, Eega, Dammu, Rajanna, Maryada Ramanna, Vedam, Magadheera, Yamadonga, Sri Ramadasu, Anukokunda Oka Roju, Chatrapati, Sye, Simhadri, Annamayya, etc.). Directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy (Khaidi, Donga Mogudu, Jebu Donga, Kondaveeti Donga, Mutamestri/Muta Mestri, Bobbili Simham, etc.).

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Corporate Tax Hoarder Piggy Race 2013

A research study by the Canadian Labour Congress shows that CEOs in Canada could be dancing in their suites to celebrate Corporate Tax Freedom Day on January 30. Their companies will by then have paid their share of taxes to all levels of government for the entire year.

Corporate Income Taxes amounted to only 8.3% of all government revenues in 2011, down from 8.8% in 2010 and from an average of 11% in the 1960s and 70s.

In return for tax breaks companies are supposed to be investing their windfall to create good jobs in Canada but instead they are hoarding cash and paying fat compensation to their CEOs Learn more at:

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Does my child need to file a tax return and will income affect aid?

My child is 16 and is working full-time this summer. He will earn about $3,300 this summer. Will he need to fill a tax return next year? Will his income affect his anticipated financial aid for college next year when we submit the FAFSA in January? Thanks! -Mom in NJ

If the summer job is your child’s only income, he is not required to file a Tax Return.

He will need to disclose this income on his FAFSA form in January. There are formulas to determine how much of his own income he is required to contribute to his education. Your college financial aid office may provide you with details on the impact of this summer job.

Why were taxes higher under a Republican held Senate, Congress and White House than under Democrat rule?

Some sort of way Republicans have tricked their people into thinking that their money is being stolen and taken to be used on helping poor people.

Here’s the thing, you’re going to pay taxes anyway. Taxes go to pay for military, building new weapons, testing , salary paying, programs to find cures for diseases, government jobs that are needed like the mail service so you dont have to pay UPS, and federal help. But here’s the thing, way more tax money went into cleaning up Iraq under Bush than it did to help anyone in America. Out of all the tax money received, only a small portion actually goes to needy people.

Another thing, if you’re a true middle class person then you’re going to get a nice big Income Tax refund so not only are you helping the country you live in but you’re getting your money back to buy that new car or save or pay off bills, whatever you want to do.

Another thing, taxes were paid under Reagan, paid under Bush, Paid under Bush again, So you’re going to pay taxes regardless it just depends on what it’s going for ( like 13 billion for faith based programs for people to pray away the problems and get counseled by person of faith ) Last time I heard that was called going to church and it was free.

Taxes were higher under Bush with a republican controlled senate and congress and white house than they were under President Obama. And taxes were going to be higher under Mitt Romney according to William G. Gale, of the Tax Policy Center and an economic adviser to President George H. W. Bush.

I hear things like Democrats want you pay for other people, socialism, ect. If republicans are against helping people, against what they call liberal programs like NASA and stem cell research then where is that money going, why are taxes higher under republicans ( expect for the rich )?
By the way.

Under President Obama, taxes have been at their lowest in over 60 years. Why have republicans claimed that Obama raised their taxes every since he got into office?………

William Gale, head of the Tax Policy Center at the Brookings Institution, tells CBS News that federal taxes are actually "at their lowest levels in 60 years."

Said Gale: "The relation between what is said in the tax debate and what is true about tax policy is often quite tenuous. The rise of the Tea Party at at time when taxes are literally at their lowest in decades is really hard to understand."

Just before this past Sunday’s Super Bowl, President Obama gave an interview with Fox News pundit Bill O’Reilly and in the interview the President told O’Reilly "I didn’t raise taxes once. I lowered taxes over the last two years."

The Associated Pres

Idiot repubs need a distinction between Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. Cons can’t think too far back.

I do see what you mean though. Hell Reagan raised taxes 25 times during his presidency. Cons seem to forget that.

What is the difference between a gross receipts tax and corporate (income) tax?

Is the gross receipts tax on total revenue, and a Corporate Tax on net income?

On a side note, am I correct to say that sales taxes are different in that they are only applied to the final revenue earned from a sale to a final consumer, and VAT is also different, as it is applied on the net income earned from sales, even if not to the final consumer.

What is the best model for taxing businesses, in your opinion?

as the title says,gross receipts is gross receipts
when a corp Tax Return is finally completed, the end result is a profit(or loss) and the profit is taxed
VAT is a tax on every step of production, not a one time tax on the end result

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