What would happen if you ammend your tax return and owe the irs money back?

A friend of mine accidently claimed something on his tax return and recieved his refund. However, he already spent the money he recieved from his refund. So if he ammends his return correctly and owes the irs…what would happen if he couldn’t fully pay it back by April 15th of this year?

he can amend the erroneous Tax Return for three years from the filing date, ie. for 2012, he had until 4/15/2015 to amend the return and pay what he owes,
of course this will incur interest added daily on the unpaid amount, so the sooner the better

How will Obama convince the GOP to break their tax pledge with the American taxpayer?

"I _____ pledge to the taxpayers of the state of _____ and all the people of this state, that I will oppose and vote against all efforts to increase taxes," reads the version of the pledge signed by Republican lawmakers.


They didn’t pledge to me. They pledged to their own checkbooks.

I’ll vote out my rep if he fails to support a raise in the debt ceiling and a return to Clinton’s tax rates.

How to File Tax Return Extension Form 4868

Learn how to file your own Form 4868 – Application to file an Income Tax extension:

1. Extensions: If you can’t file your tax return by April 18th, don’t panic! You can file an extension. But remember the extension ONLY gives you more time to file your Tax Return. You have to pay any taxes you owe by the due date. If your return is late you will have penalties/interest to pay!

Questions, Thoughts or Comments?

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eEconomics – ep. 4 – Fiscal Cliff and Income Taxes

Your prayers have been answered! David Angelo makes an epic return to take on the elites in Washington, on Wall Street, and in Hollywood – all while neglecting to frame a shot with adequate headroom!

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Conservative Doctor Lectures Obama About Health Care, Debt, Tax Reform at Prayer Breakfast

On 2/7/13 Joining President Barack Obama at Thursday’s National Prayer Breakfast was Dr. Benjamin Carson, a pediatric neurosurgeon with Johns Hopkins Hospital. For 25 minutes at the breakfast, Carson fearlessly articulated a series of conservative principles and reform proposals. He lambasted political correctness, proposed a market-based health care program, and urged pro-growth tax code reform in order to bring down the debt and deficit. After attacking politically correct speech as “dangerous” and a “horrible thing,” Carson turned to education. He discussed the scholarship program he manages which is directed at troubled youth. Carson said that education was the key to avoiding the fate suffered by ancient Rome. “Moral decay, fiscal irresponsibly — they destroyed themselves,” Carson said.

“Our deficit is a big problem,” Carson continued. “Think about it — our national debt — $16 and a half trillion dollars.”

“What about our taxation system? So complex. There is no one who can possibly comply with every tax issue,” he said. “If I wanted to get you, I can get you on a tax issue. That does not make any sense. What we need to do is come up with something that is simple.”

“When I pick up my bible, you know what I see? I see the fairest individual in the universe, God, giving us a system. It’s called tithe,” Carson offered. He said God expects a flat tithe which is perfectly proportional at 10 percent — applied to government, that would be a flat tax.

“Well some people say, ‘well that’s not fair,’ because it doesn’t hurt the guy who made 10 billion dollars,” Carson said, anticipating the counterargument. “Where does it say you have to hurt the guy? He just put $1 billion in the pot. We don’t hurt him. It’s that kind of thinking that has resulted in 602 banks in the Cayman Islands.”

Carson pivoted to health care reform, where he established the necessity of care but also expressed concern about the inefficiency of the present U.S. insurance system.

“What can we do? Here’s my solution; when a person is born, give them a birth certificate, an electronic medical record, and a health savings account.” Carson said. “Too which, money can be contributed pre-tax to the time you’re born to the time you die. When you die, you can pass it on to your family members so that when you’re 85 years old and you have six diseases, you’re not trying to spend up everything. You’re happy to send it on and there’s nobody talking about death panels.”

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Facebook’s Tax Break Revealed with David Sirota

Facebook made more than $1 billion in profit and will be receiving a $429 million tax refund. Is this the comprehensive Tax Reform for American companies Obama said he wanted to fix last year? David Sirota shows us how this is a teachable moment. How do the United States’ Corporate Tax receipts rank in comparison with the rest of the industrialized world? Do our corporation truly pay some of “the highest rates in the world” as President Obama alleges? What actually needs reform?

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In what ways are the current government hurting the poorest?

There is a lot of talk, and has been for some time about the government hurting the poorest people in society.

As regards Tax Reforms – the Income Tax threshold rising means that those of us in full time work, particularly those at the lower end of the scale are better off than they were under the previous government (assuming that they are still in the same work).

We’ve seen ATOS passing disabled & seriously ill people as fit for work when they are clearly not. Any fair-minded person would be disgusted by that.

Housing benefit has been cut – I’m not sure what it was before, what it is now or under what circumstances it is paid out.

Future Jobs Fund was cut – making it harder for long term unemployed people to gain the skills to make themselves employable. Throw in the tuition fees rise & I’m left to wonder how anybody not born into wealth or already earning a high salary can afford to improve their situation.

The tories have said that you should be better off in work than if you’re not (which seems fair enough). They’ve also said that benefits should be capped at the equivalent of a £36k salary. Again, that seems at first glance more than generous.

Public sector workers have been made unemployed & private sector workers whose employers had links to the public sector have also lost their jobs.

Child benefit payments have been stripped from the richest people in the country. I know that was controversial but again – I don’t see any reason why the richest people in the country need to be given taxpayers’ money just for having children.

Are there any other cuts I’ve missed?

Is there any reason why child benefit needs to be paid to the rich, or the benefit cap raised (or scrapped)?

How does the housing benefit thing work?
Peter – an informative answer, thank you. Although I dispute your assertion about VAT, I agree wrt policing. I wasn’t aware of cuts to public transport either – I thought they were all private enterprise these days.

There are other less obvious factors to take into account also, cuts to policing disproportionally affect the less well off who tend to live in areas of greater crime. The reduction in subsidies to bus operators also mean cuts to services that are more frequently used by those on lower incomes.

The (fairly recent) increase in VAT affects those with lower incomes more than those on higher salaries.

In general I’d argue that cuts to any public service will affect the less well off of more than the affluent.

how can i find corporate tax filings?

I would like to do major research into both profit , and non profit corporations and organizations . I have found a number of websites for "non profit" corporate filings , but does anyone have any websites where I can look up "for profit" , private , and public Corporate Tax filings ?

I don’t know if this will be of any great assistance to you, but the IRS does have tax statistics of some sort on their web site.

Take a look at the following IRS website and see what progresses from there.


How can I file for tax return? Do you have to make a certain amount to get it back?

I want to file for Tax Return. I started my job in early August of last year and I have made over $2000. Will I be able to get the money back?

You will get back anything that was withheld for federal taxes, and probably for state as well. Use the figures on your W2 to fill out your tax returns at any of the Free File sites listed on the IRS Web site. TurboTax is a good place to start, and so is TaxAct.

What is Delwares Senator, Joe Binden, stand on Immigration and Taxes?

I need to know Joe Binden’s stand on Immigration or Immigration policy and his Policy on Taxes or Tax Reform Proposals. He is Delwares Senator (6th terms in serving) and is part of the Democratic Party


It really depends on who he’s talking to.
(It also depends on whether he remembers what he previously said, which commentator he likes this week, and which comic book he last read.

There are many good reasons why Biden has been called "the stupidest man in th United States Senate". (Then again, the voters of Delaware must be even stupider, to send him there six times!)

His website is silent on the issue, (Why am I not surprised???), but here are some of his contradictory positions on immigration:

* It’s impractical to deport 14 million illegal immigrants. (Jun 2007)
* Voted for border fence, but to tackle drug trafficking. (Jun 2007)
* Voted YES on comprehensive immigration reform. (Jun 2007)
* Voted NO on declaring English as the official language of the US government. (Jun 2007)
* Voted YES on eliminating the "Y" nonimmigrant guestworker program. (May 2007)
* Voted YES on building a fence along the Mexican border. (Sep 2006)
* Voted YES on establishing a Guest Worker program. (May 2006)
* Voted YES on allowing illegal aliens to participate in Social Security. (May 2006)
* Voted YES on giving Guest Workers a path to citizenship. (May 2006)
* Voted YES on allowing more foreign workers into the US for farm work. (Jul 1998)
* Voted NO on visas for skilled workers. (May 1998)
* Voted NO on limit welfare for immigrants. (Jun 1997)

Regarding taxes, the answer is very easy: as his voting record indicates, Biden has never met a TAX he doesn’t like!

* Eliminate the tax cut just for people in the top 1%. (Mar 2007)
* Voted NO on repealing the Alternative Minimum Tax. (Mar 2007)
* Voted NO on raising estate tax exemption to $5 million. (Mar 2007)
* Voted NO on supporting permanence of estate tax cuts. (Aug 2006)
* Voted NO on permanently repealing the `death tax`. (Jun 2006)
* Voted YES on $47B for military by repealing capital gains tax cut. (Feb 2006)
* Voted NO on retaining reduced taxes on capital gains & dividends. (Feb 2006)
* Voted NO on extending the tax cuts on capital gains and dividends. (Nov 2005)
* Voted NO on $350 billion in tax breaks over 11 years. (May 2003)
* Voted YES on reducing marriage penalty instead of cutting top tax rates. (May 2001)
* Voted YES on increasing tax deductions for college tuition. (May 2001)
* Voted YES on eliminating the ‘marriage penalty’. (Jul 2000)
* Voted NO on across-the-board spending cut. (Oct 1999)
* Voted NO on requiring super-majority to raise taxes. (Apr 1998)
* 15% NTU rating = "Big Spender" on tax votes. (Dec 2003)