What do I need to add to a letter in which it states my tax preparer is responsible for my tax return and sign?

For my tax return holding all liability and signed by both of us?

Use the search box at the www.irs.gov website for 1040 and look at the bottom of the form where you sign and then look at the place the paid preparer is supposed to also sign it and read each statement that is enclosed there for this purpose and time in your life OK.
Form 1040, U. S. Individual Income Tax Return


Declaration of preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge.

Print/Type preparer’s name Preparer’s signature Date
Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 06/25/2013

Considering one of the benefits of being a US corporation is protection by US government/military?

Shouldn’t corporations still have to pay corporate Income Tax on their foreign earnings, even after corporate income Tax Reform? Even if its just10-12%?

I’m not an expert on out-of-country business tax structures, so I couldn’t say for sure. It does seem like a sensible idea, in general, however. I know when I worked overseas, I had to pau U.S. taxes on my earnings abroad.

Live in a state with no income tax, but work in a state that does have income tax?

If I reside in one US state that has no state Income Tax, but work in another state that does, do I end up having to pay income taxes to one of those states or not?

Yes. If one state has a state income tax and the other does not, then you pay state income tax to the state with the state income tax.

Global Enemy #1: Corporate Tax Shelters

As bankrupted governments are starved of revenue, global corporations evade taxes at an unprecedented rate…

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