How much will my tax return be?

I was just wondering how much I would make for my tax return I work two jobs. Payless and Pizza Hut as a delivery driver. Just started working these two jobs. Could anyone tell me if I will get a good tax return or not.

Your tax return will be one or more 8.5" x 11.0" pieces of paper. Your Tax Return is what you send to the IRS, either on paper or electronically.

If you’re asking about your tax refund, nobody could give you any idea due to the utter lack of any relevant information such as filing status, income, exemptions, deductions, etc.

what happens when I only mail my federal income tax without the w-2 form?

My dad did my Income tax for me, since I don’t know how do it, so went to the website that he did my income tax and I just printed and mail my Federal Income Tax without the W-2 form because I couldn’t find it. So my question is this, what will happened when I only mail my federal income tax without the W-2 form? Will I go to jail to just pay penalties?

OK so you did it all ready at this time in your life so now once the IRS does open up fully for business after this shut down for the lack of funding when they do get your mailed return and do get around to processing it with out the copies of your W-2 forms to verify the amount of tax that were withheld they will have to wait until they can get the correct information and numbers from the SSA to verify the information that was enter on your 1040 federal Income Tax return for the 2012 tax year OK.
So this will probably slow down the time that it take for them to be able to complete processing of your 1040 FIT Tax Return at that time OK.
Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 10/16/2013