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Global Enemy #1: Corporate Tax Shelters

As bankrupted governments are starved of revenue, global corporations evade taxes at an unprecedented rate…

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Exploring Issues in Tax Policy – Elements of Corporate Taxation

Professor Daniel Shaviro
Professor of Taxation
New York University, School of Law

Taxation has always been a major part of American politics and continues to be the focus for debate and discussion, especially when reform is desired. To understand this complex issue the Mercatus Center at George Mason University is pleased to present a three-day course on current tax policy and past reform movements.

Lawmakers strive to create “the best” tax systems, but policies may yield surprising results in practice. To better comprehend the basics of taxation, Dr. Garett Jones of George Mason University will review the current tax system from an economic perspective and explore how shifts in tax policy affect individual behavior and the economy as a whole in Tax 101: An Overview of Taxation.

Today, presidential candidates clamor to voice their opinions on tax policy while Representative Rangel’s tax proposal offers some of the most ambitious reforms of recent years. Similarly, the Tax Reform Act of 1986 provided for some of the most extensive changes in recent decades. Dr. Jones will return to present Sweeping Changes: Tax Reform in 1986 as an overview of this historical piece of bipartisan legislation to discuss how the economic conditions and political players of the time induced policy change and find out what lessons lawmakers can learn from this period.

Additionally, debate in tax reform persists as concerns about tax loopholes, offshore accounts and the global competitiveness of American enterprise continue. Consequently, changes in corporate tax policy are often highlighted as ways to address these issues. Yet such reforms may affect how businesses and individuals invest their time and resources. Professor Daniel Shaviro, a leading scholar on taxation from New York University Law School, will analyze how the various elements of the U.S. Corporate Tax system operate as a whole while describing how these policies affect the U.S. economy with Elements of Corporate Taxation.

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Scott Hodge on the Prospects for Corporate Tax Reform

Tax Foundation president Scott Hodge discusses the prospects for corporate Tax Reform and the legislative fight we’re likely to see as companies lobby to maintain their favored provisions.

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Boston Bombing Reporting Fail – The Rundown

In this episode of The Rundown we discuss the misinformed reporting surrounding the Boston Marathon Bombings; a Nebraska bus driver’s vicious assault caught on camera; a New York Times column by a Guantanamo Bay detainee; Climate Change’s effect on the global food supply; the need to raise corporate tax rates; new toxin-fighting nanosponges; the 2013 Pulitzer Prize winners; and endangered Pygmy peoples now on the move.
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Prof. Michael Devereux – International tax reform: how fundamental is “fundamental”?

Prof. Michael Devereux (Director, Oxford University Centre for Business Taxation) argues that the existing corporation tax system is not fit for purpose, and advocates fundamental reform of the corporate income system. One option is a new type of Corporate Tax, the destination based corporate Income Tax, levied on sales, where investment expenditure and labour costs are completely deductible and exports are exempt (but imports are taxed).

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Video Game and Tax Day Actions Target Corporate “Tax Evaders”

Nicole Tichon and Gan Golan: By projecting a Tax Evader video game on the side of banks and big corporate buildings, actions aim to focus public attention on banks and big companies that pay low to no taxes

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English News Today – Multinational companies & Africa

English News Today
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If British consumers were shocked by the extent of tax dodging by Google, Starbucks and Amazon, what must Zambians make of this weekend’s revelations about Zambian sugar; which made record profits in 2012 and is expected to exceed 400,000 tons of sugar production for its European and African markets.

However, between 2007 and 2012 Zambia Sugar paid less that 0.5% of its pre-tax profits in corporation tax. But the company is unapologetic.

It claims “as a direct result of our investment in Zambia since 2008, the availability of substantial capital allowances has led to virtually no Corporate Tax being payable”.

Its activities include a range of financial engineering, such as inventing fictitious companies in Ireland, which it “pays” for consultancy services! The figures were uncovered by the NGO Action Aid, which has long campaigned against tax dodging by huge multinationals, which means that countries like Zambia, which depend for around 20% of their income from corporation tax and money leaving the country.

Zambia’s president Guy Scott says his people are too nice, and that it’s time for them to get “nasty” with these companies.

But the problem is that if Zambia does begin a crackdown on this corporation and other offenders – particularly mining companies – they may move to another African country with a friendlier tax environment.

But it’s not just African countries that are being called upon to act. So are western countries, led by Britain, which will soon be chairman of the G8 club of rich nations. Its Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg will visit Ethiopia and Mozambique to investigate this issue.

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The Truth About Corporate Tax Rates

WATCH FREE or BUY the Sundance Film Festival film WE’RE NOT BROKE http://www.werenotbrokemovie.com – then Take Action! • The story of U.S. corporations dodging billions of dollars in Income Tax, and how seven fed-up Americans take their frustration to the streets…and vow to make the corporations pay their fair share.

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