what happens when I only mail my federal income tax without the w-2 form?

My dad did my Income tax for me, since I don’t know how do it, so went to the website that he did my income tax and I just printed and mail my Federal Income Tax without the W-2 form because I couldn’t find it. So my question is this, what will happened when I only mail my federal income tax without the W-2 form? Will I go to jail to just pay penalties?

OK so you did it all ready at this time in your life so now once the IRS does open up fully for business after this shut down for the lack of funding when they do get your mailed return and do get around to processing it with out the copies of your W-2 forms to verify the amount of tax that were withheld they will have to wait until they can get the correct information and numbers from the SSA to verify the information that was enter on your 1040 federal Income Tax return for the 2012 tax year OK.
So this will probably slow down the time that it take for them to be able to complete processing of your 1040 FIT Tax Return at that time OK.
Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 10/16/2013

What is the minimum income tax rate that no country can afford to lower even further?

A certain number of countres lower their Income Tax to attract foreign nationals who are not happy with their countries high rates. However if nations are to compete in applying the lowest rates possible there must be a limit under which that strategy would be a loss rather than a gain.

Monaco and some other countries charge zero income taxes. So zero seems to work. It helps if you don’t have an army or try to provide free services to everyone.

You decide the free services first and then set taxes to cover that.

U.S Income Tax Fraud

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How to Stop Paying Property Tax

16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution: Federal Income Tax (1913) FRAUD


An Open Message to All Americans IRS Tax Is Illegal – No Tax Law Exists


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Do corporations get a tax deduction on paying income tax and if so where is it reported?

When filing a corporate Tax Return I think I can deduct the state income tax on the federal return, but then my state tax changes. Can I deduct both the federal and state income tax to be paid on both the federal and state return or just the state on the federal return?

You can’t deduct federal Income Tax.

How to Calculate Income Tax in India 2013 – Part 1

This Sunday, My Mistri’s two children came to me for taking my help in the calculation of Income Tax. From 5 years, I did not teach offline, but his father is my good friend. So, I taught him this calculation. Same time, my camera was on. So, This video will also be helpful for this free online virtual school’s students. I hope, you will like this.

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How does the federal income tax work?

I’m 17 and I have a summer job umpiring baseball. Every check I pay into FICA and the Illinois State Income Tax. My most recent and also my largest check is the only time I’ve paid into the federal income tax. I made 99 dollars before taxes, and paid 1.44 in federal income tax which is the same amount I paid into Medicare. Why have I only paid into it once?

The withholding tables are set up in such a way that they assume every paycheck is the same paycheck you will receive throughout the year and withhold taxes accordingly. Since all of your other paychecks were smaller, it was assumed (if you had the same paycheck every pay period) you would owe no federal income tax and therefore nothing was withheld. If this larger check was the same for every pay period of the year, you would owe some tax and therefore some was withheld.

If at the end of the year you owe no federal income tax, you can file a return and have your withholding refunded to you.

Live in a state with no income tax, but work in a state that does have income tax?

If I reside in one US state that has no state Income Tax, but work in another state that does, do I end up having to pay income taxes to one of those states or not?

Yes. If one state has a state income tax and the other does not, then you pay state income tax to the state with the state income tax.

When is the latest someone has received there federal income tax?

I still haven’t received my federal income tax. I am a working college student so I filled with my parents but they have already received theres, weeks ago. When I go online it says it is still being processed and when I call it says the same thing. Ummmmm?? Its been way over 2 months since we file now. I am wonder if maybe I will get it after the furlough days?

You don’t receive federal Income Tax, you pay it.

Income Tax for the Self Employed

Dan Snow presents an introduction to Income Tax for the self employed.

Free online help is available from HMRC for businesses. We run live daily one hour help sessions, called Webinars, with time given to let you ask questions. We also have half hour recorded sessions that you can watch ay any time.

All you need for access is a name and an email address.

Go here to see the times and topics: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/webinars/index.htm

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