How much will my tax return be?

I was just wondering how much I would make for my tax return I work two jobs. Payless and Pizza Hut as a delivery driver. Just started working these two jobs. Could anyone tell me if I will get a good tax return or not.

Your tax return will be one or more 8.5" x 11.0" pieces of paper. Your Tax Return is what you send to the IRS, either on paper or electronically.

If you’re asking about your tax refund, nobody could give you any idea due to the utter lack of any relevant information such as filing status, income, exemptions, deductions, etc.

(ITR 2013)How to file Income tax returns online(Detailed Tutorial)

In the hour long video showing possibly everything needed to know ,topic’s covered include

(1) Create registration in the income tax website
This is first mandatory step .Worry not .If you have created a Gmail id , Rediff id ,Facebook ,Twitter etc any type of account , you very well already know how to register yourself for the income tax registration website
This is where you need to upload the final filled return in XML format besides having access to many other features like immediate access to form 26 AS etc
(2) Select and Download the income tax return form (ITR ) as applicable .
Depending on the source of income , the applicant is expected to download the income tax return form applicable to his/her case and then fill it
For example if income for applicant is from salary only ,he is expected to fill ITR 1 however if income is from Profession , then ITR 4 is applicable .If income is from salary plus more than 1 house property , then ITR 2 is applicable .
If income consists of betting on horse race income or winning from lottery tickets , then ITR 2 is applicable
if applicant has income from salary and fixed deposit interest , then ITR 1 is applicable
(3)View Form 26 AS
It is immediately available on creating a account inside income tax registration website
Form 26 AS is a summarised statement of all recorded tax deducted at source and is very easy to obtain.Watch the video and you should be sorted.It is often a replacement for form 16 A and can be used for knowing income from other sources like FD and rent income(when deductor has deducted 10 % tax ) etc to fill ITR form income details sheet as also the TDS sheet

(4) Fill the ITR form ,
The ITR form is neatly divided in tabs , names of which signify the purpose of the ITR form .The ITR 1 has 3 tabs .income details tab ,wherein one mentions income details and uses the calculate tax widget to know tax liability
There is a TDS sheet , wherein applicant can mention details of tax deducted at source .The purpose of this sheet is for applicant to know whether sum total of taxes as per tax deduction at source equals tax liability as appearing in income tax liability sheet ,
Finally the taxes paid and verification sheet like name ,shows the final tax liability in view of the total due and total paid
(5) Generate XML & Check it
Once the applicant has completed filling the ITR form as indicated in step 4 , it is time to validate first each sheet using validate widget and then generate a extended mark up language document of the entire filled income tax return (ITR )using the generate XML widget available in income detail sheet ,
This converts the excel file to a XML file and saves it automatically to the same location as to where the excel file is .
One can open the XML file with notepad i.e a free text editor and study it to check whether the details match the filled Income Tax return form .

(6) Uploading the XML type income tax return online
Login in to the income tax registration website , go to the upload tab and upload the converted XML file after having selected the type of income tax return form applicable (i.e ITR 1 2 3 4 5 6 etc ) and the proper assessment year ,
You can while uploading decide to apply digital signature and if you don’t have one ,select the option without digital signature

In case , you have selected the 2nd option (which is normally the case , you would be then required to sign physically the acknowledgement)

(7) Acknowledgement receipt

Download the acknowledgement (ITR V ).Note irrespective of whether you will fill ITR 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 etc , you will get acknowledgement ITR V only which is basically a declaration that you have paid taxes to the best of your knowledge
You need to sign this and send it by ordinary or speed post to Bangalore IT department .
Once the IT department at bangalore receives it , they will send a electronic receipt of the same to the email id as specified while filling the Income Tax Return form .In ITR 1 it is in income details sheet
(I advise everyone to be very careful while filling the email because this is where the acknowledgement receipt is finally gonna come
(8)E Acknowledgement receipt
Once you received the email from the department, this is the stage where your filing is deemed to be complete
The important things to note in this receipt is the CPP reference number and date ,because in case you decide to revise or rectify the form at any later stage , you can easily do so after following the exact same 8 steps as listed above with the only difference that you need to mention the receipt number and date in the new ITR file (and this is there in the acknowledgement receipt )
(9) Check status online
One can always check the status of their application online .

The income tax site itself lists out filing e return in 3 simple steps
(1) Viewing Form 26 AS
(2) Filling ITR form and uploading return
(3) Check status

Duration : 1:3:5

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What is implied when a CPA signs the preparers declaration on a federal income tax return?

A. The CPA has verified all the information furnished by the taxppayer.

B. The Tax Return and supporting schedules were prepared in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles.

C. The tax return is not misleading, based up all the information of which the cpa has knowledge.

D. The tax return was prepared by a CPA who maintained an impartial attitude in preparing the return.

I havent been able to find this answer. Does any one on here have any ideas as to the solution?

5. The preparer’s declaration on a tax return often states that the
information contained therein is true, correct, and complete to the
best of the preparer’s knowledge and belief based on all information
known by the preparer . This type of reference should be understood
to include information furnished by the taxpayer or by third parties to
a member in connection with the preparation of the return .
6. The preparer’s declaration does not require a member to
examine or verify supporting data; a member may rely on information furnished by the taxpayer unless it appears to be incorrect,
incomplete, or inconsistent . However, there is a need to determine
by inquiry that a specifically required condition, such as maintaining
books and records or substantiating documentation, has been satisfied
and to obtain information when the material furnished appears to be
incorrect, incomplete, or inconsistent . Although a member has certain
responsibilities in exercising due diligence in preparing a return, the
taxpayer has the ultimate responsibility for the contents of the return .
Thus, if the taxpayer presents unsupported data in the form of lists of
tax information, such as dividends and interest received, charitable
contributions, and medical expenses, such information may be used
in the preparation of a tax return without verification unless it appears
to be incorrect, incomplete, or inconsistent

Can tax preparers give clients copies of their Tax return long after it’s been processed?

I need a copy of my 2012 tax return before it was amended. I don’t want to go through the trouble of ordering it from the IRS and waiting 2 months for it. Can I go back to my tax preparer and simply ask for another copy?

Yes, you can ask for a copy of your Tax Return. Your preparer is required to give you a copy of any return he or she prepared for you at the time the return is filed. He is not required to give you additional copies. If you get a copy from your preparer, you can be charged a fee for this service.

For example, a typical fee for a copy of a prior year return is $25.

What do I need to add to a letter in which it states my tax preparer is responsible for my tax return and sign?

For my tax return holding all liability and signed by both of us?

Use the search box at the website for 1040 and look at the bottom of the form where you sign and then look at the place the paid preparer is supposed to also sign it and read each statement that is enclosed there for this purpose and time in your life OK.
Form 1040, U. S. Individual Income Tax Return

Declaration of preparer (other than taxpayer) is based on all information of which preparer has any knowledge.

Print/Type preparer’s name Preparer’s signature Date
Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 06/25/2013

Can someone send a tax return back in the mail?

My boyfriend just moved out of an apartment, and his ex-room mate apparently told their mail man that my boyfriend doesnt live there anymore, so he made them take back my boyfriend’s Tax Return. Can someone really do that? I know its illegal for the room mate to hold my boyfriend’s tax return, but I’m just wondering if this son of a bitch is telling the truth or not. Thank you for your time and answers.

Sure can when it is a incorrect name and address for the current taxpayer that does live at this address at that time and it goes back to the FMS as being undeliverable at that time because that taxpayer was not living at that address at that time OK.
So now BF does and will have to contact the IRS and give them a correct good address at this time in his life so that they can attempt to mail it out to him again.
He just might be able to do this from the WMR website when he use it to check on his refund and the message would tell him that his refund had been returned to the FMS because of the incorrect address at that time and if it does say this it may offer him a chance to enter a new correct address at that time in his life OK failing to be able to change it at this time. Then next step would have to be the form 8822
Use Form 8822, Change of Address, to submit an address or name change any time during the year;

• Give the IRS written notification of your new address by writing to the IRS center where you file your return. Include your full name, old and new addresses, Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number and signature.
Visit for more information about changing your address. At, you can also find the address of the IRS center where you file your tax return or download Form 8822. The form is also available by calling 800-TAX-FORM (800-829-3676).
Hope that you find the above enclosed information useful. 05/06/2013