Paying no federal income tax

income tax CNN’s Jack Cafferty wonders if it’s OK that General Electric and Bank of America paid no federal Income Taxes last year.

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Jeb Bush on tax reform

tax reform Jeb Bush tells CNN’s Piers Morgan why “there needs to be compromise” when it comes to Tax Reform.

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Mitt Romney’s Tax Return Bombshell: Aborted Fetus Profits?

tax return –What’s in those Romney Tax Returns that could be so damaging? What about Romney’s investment in aborted fetus disposal firm Stericycle?

–On the Bonus Show: Megadeth frontman says Obama staged recent shootings, Ukraine angry with Spongebob, pre-DNA virgin birth test, much more…

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Broadcast on August 20, 2012

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Erin Burnett calls on Mitt Romney to release tax returns

tax return CNN’s Erin Burnett tackles whether Mitt Romney should release his personal Income Tax returns.

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No Law Requires You to Pay Income Tax, Period.

income tax http://RevolutionNews.US — Did you know that the U.S. Government permits the FED to create money out of thin air – with no gold backing?

. The IRS is a Criminal Organization.

Did you know that the FED loans the money to the U.S. Government WITH INTEREST? (This interest makes up the Federal Debt)

Did you know that the Federal Reserve (FED) is a private, for-profit organization?

Have you wondered why the U.S. Government does not print the money itself and eliminate paying interest to the private for-profit FED?

Did you know that 1999 payments to the private FED totaled $1,703,000,000,000? That is over $36 million dollars per hour!

Do you realize that because of the above, the children, grand children, great grand children and great, great grandchildren of the FED owners will NEVER have to work a day in their lives while you work 12 hours a day just to make ends meet?

Did you know that on January 15, 1984 the Grace Commission (a private sector, blue ribbon committee requested by President Ronald Regan) found that “100 percent of what is collected is absorbed SOLELY by interest on the Federal Debt�.all individual Income Tax revenues are gone before one nickel is spent on the service taxpayers EXPECT FROM GOVERNMENT!”

Did you know that President John F. Kennedy started creating United States dollars to replace the Federal Reserve dollars shortly before he was assassinated?

Did you know that in 1933 under Executive Order Number (6073) then President F.D. Roosevelt made it illegal for anyone to own or trade gold (Except Federal Reserve Banks) with jail and large fines for those that did not give up their gold? That executive order was only applicable in federal possessions and territories. The People were simply too na�ve to know that back then.

Would you be surprised to know that, based on the income of many homeowners, if you were able to keep the amount of tax withheld from you annually, this tax savings would equal the equivalent of 40 acres and a mule in only two years?


If you care, do your own research and either make a decision to be an Informed Slave or GET OFF THE PLANTATION! Just turn off WWF Smackdown, American Idle, Lost, Survivor, Boston Legal and the baseball game for at least a few days and check these sources:

“The Creature from Jekyll Island” by G. Edward Griffin

Time For A New American Revolution?



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Grover Norquist Discusses the Looming Fiscal Cliff and Importance Tax Reform

tax reform ATR President Grover Norquist appears on CNN to discuss the government’s looming fiscal cliff, and why lower taxes and decreased government spending are the solution.

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