James Pinkerton on Why the United States Needs Corporate Tax Reform

After President Obama’s speech on personal Income Taxes, RATE co-chair James P. Pinkerton explains why corporate Tax Reform needs to be part of the debate and how Democrats and Republicans both support a lower rate and broader tax base.

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Are Corporations People?

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Corporations are not monoliths — they are made up of individuals, including workers and non-wealthy shareholders. So are corporations distinct from the people that comprise them? When corporations are taxed, who pays the tax? Economics professor Steven Horwitz shows why a tax on corporations is not the equivalent of a tax on the wealthy. Instead, workers and consumers will pay these taxes. A tax on a corporation is also a tax on the workers who work at the corporation, the consumers who buy from the corporation, and the shareholders who own the corporation as part of their retirement fund.

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How to define a manufacturer: Corporate tax cuts spark controversy – Decoder

President Barack Obama wants to drop the Corporate Tax rate from 35% to 28% and move manufacturing to a special category, with a 25% rate. Reuters columnist David Cay Johnston warns this could cause a rush of “manufacturers” looking to take advantage of the lower rate.

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President Clinton Calls for a Lower Corporate Tax Rate

In a CNBC interview with Maria Bartiromo, President Clinton calls for a lower Corporate Tax rate and base broadening in order to put Americans back to work.

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Gregg proposes corporate tax cut

John Gregg, the Democratic candidate for governor, proposed big cuts in Corporate Taxes Wednesday. It’s the second element in a tax plan that includes Gregg’s proposal to eliminate the sales tax on gasoline.

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Corporate tax reform levels the playing field – Decoder

Large corporations are privy to tax laws that most small-business owners are not, and the U.S. is at a crucial fiscal juncture where things need to change. David Cay Johnston breaks down Corporate Tax policy in this edition of Decoder.

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