“Lather, Rinse, Repeat” – Bill Shein on Misguided Corporate Tax Reform

During a candidates debate, Massachusetts Democrat Bill Shein explains why he has opposed the emerging bipartisan consensus on revenue-neutral Corporate Tax “reform.” He believes reform should not be revenue-neutral, and that it must be married to campaign finance and lobbying reform. Otherwise, the rate will be cut and loopholes “closed” will get lobbied right back in.

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Obama Campaign Offers a Tax-Return Truce, Romney Camp Rejects It

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Forget truce … let the presidential race tax battles continue!

President Obama’s campaign manager promised to stop calling for more of GOP candidate Mitt Romney’s tax returns this week, if the former Massachusetts governor would release five years’ worth. But Romney’s campaign manager has fired back a swift and public refusal, saying, “It’s clear that President Obama wants nothing more than to talk about Governor Romney’s Tax Returns, instead of the issues that matter to voters.”

Pressure on Mitt Romney to release more of his finances continued this week, with the candidate saying at a news conference in South Carolina that he had looked at his taxes for the last decade and never paid less than 13 percent.

Will voters take Romney’s word for it? It seems unlikely; a recent CNN/ORC poll of registered voters suggests that in fact 61 percent believe Romney should release more than two years of returns.

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Senator Bob Corker on Republican Primary Victory

Senator Bob Corker released the following statement via web video after winning the Tennessee Republican primary today.

Senator Corker won the Republican primary for the United States Senate with XX% of the vote.

Transcript of Statement

“Hi, I’m Bob Corker, and I want to thank the thousands of Tennesseans who went to the polls in the last few weeks and cast a vote for my re-election to the United States Senate.

Elizabeth and I deeply appreciate all the supporters who gave their time and hard work to ensure this victory tonight.

Serving you and your family in the Senate is a great honor and a challenging responsibility.

I am focused on our country’s most urgent problems—getting our economy growing again and getting our government’s fiscal house in order.

It’s time to come together around some common sense goals that we all share.

Tennesseans are worried about the economy, worried about finding and keeping quality jobs to support their families. All of us want our federal tax policy to encourage job creation.

We all know that the federal government’s debt burden is unsustainable and that Washington has to live within its means.

All Tennesseans want to reform Social Security and Medicare so that the critical safety net will continue to be there in the future.

Solving these tough problems on a tight budget requires us to work together.

Fortunately, I believe there is growing support on both sides of the aisle for passing Tax Reforms that encourage job creation, for protecting the solvency of Social Security and Medicare and finally putting an end to deficit spending.

I’m optimistic that we can make real progress.

It will not be easy, but I promise you I will work hard every day to offer leadership on achieving these goals.

Again, my thanks for all that you have done to give me a chance to serve.”


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NewsyVoice: Should Mitt Romney Release His Tax Returns?

Christina Hartman, Ferdous Al-Faruque, and Rosa Sow debate whether or not Mitt Romney should release his Tax Returns. Let us know your opinion in the comment section

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Obama Criticizes Romney Corporate Tax Proposals

President Barack Obama on Monday mocked Mitt Romney’s economic vision, saying the only jobs plan his Republican rival has would create plenty of work for people overseas. (July 16)

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Will US tax system change in 2012?

According to a Pew Research survey conducted in late 2011, 59 percent of Americans believe the tax system should be completely changed by Congress, while 34 percent believe the system works well and only needs minor changes. And with tax week upon the American people, it is a hot topic to discuss. Wayne Allyn Root, a 2008 libertarian vice-presidential nominee, joins us to talk taxes.

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US tax system due for a change?

Tax week is upon us in the US and many Americans will have to pay the government, but are all Americans paying their fair share? April 17 is the deadline for all citizens to file their taxes but most Americans dread this day. The tax system has been a major topic for debate especially in this election year and many are calling for a change of the system. So will this be a year of reform for the tax system? The Market Ticker’s Karl Denninger joins us with his take on the tax system.

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