How do i get tax return when donating to charity ?

I never donated clothes to Charity’s and recently found out that you can get Tax Returns. I have low income and usually don’t pay taxes, but get some money returned to me yearly, so will donating increase my tax return, or it works only for reduction of taxes some people have to pay? I am confused .

Yes, donations are reduction of taxes and in your situation most likely will not make any difference.

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  1. Donations are a tax deduction – unless you itemize on your tax returns, you will not be able to take the deduction and as such, donations will not affect your taxes.
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  2. Your tax RETURN is the form you file with the IRS. If you are entitled to get money back, that is your REFUND.

    You can only claim the amount you donate to charity if you choose to itemize deductions. For most people, it works out better simply to claim the standard deduction that the IRS gives you automatically. It only makes financial sense to itemize if your total deductions combined add up to more than the standard, which for single people is $5700.
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  3. First, a "return" is the form you file. You’re talking about a "refund."

    If you don’t have any tax liability, donating clothing to charity is not going to do you any good. Even if it were deductible, you have to own a home to build up enough deductions to make any difference.

    Clothing must be in "good" used condition or better to be eligible in the first place. It doesn’t make senses for a low-income person to donate clothing in good condition to charity.

    I know you’re scraping by trying to make ends meet, but you’ll need to go a different direction to game the system to get more taxpayer money handed out to you.
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  4. You only can decrease your tax through donations, and then only if you itemize. If you already pay no tax, there’s nothing to decrease, so no tax effect from donations.
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  5. Sorry but since I HIGHLY doubt you qualify for itemization of your deductions, you CANNOT claim these donations. Also it is called a tax REFUND, not a return. You file a return. Even if you did itemize, you would only get back about .15 cents on the dollar on the assigned value of the clothes, NOT what you think they are worth or what you paid for them.
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  6. you file a tax return, that would be a 1040 or EZ or A
    you can donate to charities and use those donations to claim itemized deductions on sch A
    if you cannot itemize greater than your standard deduction it is futile to even bother filing a Sch A

    either the standard or itemized deduction just reduces your taxable income, it does not represent any refund
    ie your charitable donations do not mean you get money back for doing, it merely reduces your taxable income
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  7. Yes, donations are reduction of taxes and in your situation most likely will not make any difference.
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  8. You don’t get tax returns, you FILE tax returns. A tax return is the forms and schedules that you send to the IRS.

    If you itemize deductions you might be able to save a few tax dollars with your donations. Used clothing is valued at what the charity will sell the items for and generally is around 10 cents on the dollar compared to new. If you are not itemizing then the donations won’t save you any tax dollars. If your tax liability is already $0, no amount of donations would save you anything.
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  9. Possibly.

    If only some of the money being withheld from your pay at work is being returned to you, then you might be able to get slightly more of it returned.

    However, the amount that is normally returned to you (if you donate nothing) is based on a "standard" amount for donations to charity, mortgage interest, medical expenses, etc., of over $5000. Unless your actual amount is more than that, you will not get any more money with the donation.
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