How to File Income tax return Online( India Specific) explained in stepwise manner

Filing Online E return in india has now become mandatory for people over 10 lakh salary bracket …This video shows on how to file E return online in stepwise detailed manner …you just need to login the site ,select the ITR return form applicable to your case ,download the excel macro embedded file and all tabs .Once done press the Generate XML button …the excel macro utility will generate a XML and save it to the same location as the excel file location …..this XML file then needs to be uploaded at the Income Tax e portal website ,a reciept of which is generated online (password protected )….the acknowledgement receipt can be opened using password (pannumberdateofbirth)—-Note pan number in lower case and then the date of birth …..,then the PDF generated acknowledgement receipt opens a printout needs to be taken ,signed and sent to IT authorithy at bangalore…..once a postal confirmaion is obtained ,there you go !It’s done …it’s not easy ,but yup its important …if anyone appreciates this , a small thank you will help !Stay blessed!

Duration : 0:13:39

9 thoughts on “How to File Income tax return Online( India Specific) explained in stepwise manner

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  3. Thanks Gaurav for …
    Thanks Gaurav for the feedback ,will make a new one with better video clarity soon….Your appreciation means a lot …..

  4. I agree ,i will try …
    I agree ,i will try and make a better video taking note of your points in a short time .Thanks for your feedback.

  5. the content …
    the content provider here only speaks at high level. Lots of garbage words used, not to the point.
    expectation is – explain each tab of xls sheet, then explain how to fill each tab with reference to the Form 16.
    Why one will be interested in what extra activity you are doing, when the topic of discussion is how to fill IT returns online.

  6. Unfortunately not …
    Unfortunately not in this case ……the excel has to be downloaded and converted doing exactly the steps above …..i agree its complicated ,but once you do it like a odd couple of times ,you will get the hang of it !

  7. Can’t this be …
    Can’t this be simplified? This seems like a series of complex steps. Is there a possibility of having a simple web page rather than doing it via Excel->XML->Upload-> Ack->use password-> send via post-> save the postal ack?

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